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The garden has been developed by us over the past sixteen years on land that was formerly allotments laid out by the local Coop Society in the early 1920’sproviding the townfolk with somewhere to grow their fruit and veg’s keeping hens and the odd pig. As the popularity of allotments diminished in post war years as a result of new dwellings being built with large gardens many of the plots began to be built upon and today almost every plot has been developed for housing


The only reminders in the garden of those early days are the four large apple trees which have been retained and around which the cottage garden has been developed. These provide a pleasant shading for the visitors and to rest and enjoy a cup of tea and some home made cake.


The size of the garden is very deceiving for anyone pulling up outside the front and there is three quarters of an acre at the rear packed with plants for you to enjoy.


See what wildlife you can spot in the large pond by the bridge to lead you down the garden past the Diermas and you come to one of the large herbaceous borders in pinks, mauves and blue with an occasional glimpse of white. Look across the lawn to the other border where the vibrant colours of red, yellow and orange stand out. Continue past the border of American species Penstemons and the hardy Geranium bed and you will come to more shaded area under the apple trees where you will find the Hosta bed this will eventually lead you to the extension to the garden and the main area of the National Collection of Penstemons and the nursery area

Plants Raised At Froggery Cottage

A small flowered hardy plant of similar habit to the original Kunthii plant, but with paler coloured red flowers..   Small leaves and very free flowering.

Breakleys Blue

Small flowered hybrid with deep blue coloured flowers.

Very attractive with similar habit to the Mexicali range from the USA. 

Kate Gilchrist

Large flowered cerise coloured blooms on short growing plant. Named after former collection holder and raiser from the south of England.       Featured on BBC website.

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